“Janet is a superb bencher whose impeccable judgement and dedication explains her involvement in so many aspects of the Law Society’s work, currently as Co-Chair of the Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee, Chair of the Racialized Lawyer Working Group, and Vice-Chair of the Tribunals Committee. I am delighted to support Janet’s re-election as a bencher.”

Mark Sandler, Toronto

“Janet Leiper has contributed enormously to the work of the Law Society over the past four years. Her perspectives on Equity and Access to Justice are essential to our future efforts.”

Constance Backhouse, Ottawa

“I strongly support Janet in her bid for re-election as a Bencher. Janet is a natural leader with a long and proven track record of dedication and commitment to the legal community and the public. She exemplifies the core values and best traits of our profession. Janet’s career path reveals just how adept she is at handling challenging issues, approaching problems from innovative perspectives and making difficult yet principled decisions. In my view, Janet is a clear and obvious choice.”

Joseph Di Luca, Certified Specialist (Criminal Law)

“Janet is a compassionate, dedicated and energetic bencher who gets things done. A pleasure to work with.”

Peter Wardle, Toronto

“Do we really need Janet Leiper re-elected as a Bencher? Janet is shamelessly ethical, ridiculously hardworking, and sets the bar dreadfully high in terms of diplomacy, objectivity, and inclusiveness. Janet Leiper is an experienced Bencher, who during the last term energetically engaged some of the most important issues and challenges we as members of the LSUC will face over the next few years: promoting diversity, professional governance and regulation, governmental support to encourage access to justice, eligibility for legal aid, and the oversight of specialization. She has acted as a member of many committees to ensure the financial stability and independence of the Law Society. Janet’s particular strength in fostering cooperation and mutual effort among diverse interests has added to the success of all of them. To re-elect such an effective, approachable and respected voice to look after our interests as individual members, and as a profession, might be risky, and might set too high a standard. But please join me, and so many of our fellow risk-takers this April in taking the chance. Please re-elect Janet Leiper.”

Howard C. Rubel, Toronto

“Janet Leiper exemplifies everything that is fair, just and true about the practice of law in Ontario. In a twenty-eight year career that spans the gamut from criminal litigation to administrative law to public service, and with accomplishments too many to mention, she is a tempered, wise lawyer’s lawyer. If re-elected, she will continue to fearlessly navigate the increasingly complex realities of the profession in the twenty-first century.”

M. Jane Fairburn, Toronto

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with both Janet Leiper and Isfahan Merali . These two superb candidates are joining forces in a collaborative campaign that blends experience with a new voice. Innovation and fresh ideas are needed in the important work of governing the legal professions in the public interest. I heartily support Janet Leiper and Isfahan Merali’s candidacy in the 2015 Bencher election, and their inclusive and collaborative campaign.”

Susan E. Opler, Toronto

“I enthusiastically support Janet Leiper for re-election as Bencher. I have known Janet throughout her legal career. She cares for the sole practitioner, fights for improved access to justice, and is a generous and accessible mentor. She has served the public as a criminal defence lawyer in defending her clients, while taking on broader public interest positions, notably as Chair of Legal Aid Ontario, as a Visiting Professor of public interest law at Osgoode Hall Law School and recently as Integrity Commissioner for the City of Toronto. In my role as President of the CLA I have benefitted from her experience and advice, on an ongoing basis, in trying to deal with the challenges of improving legal aid services. I fully support and commend her to all members of the Bar of Ontario for re-election.”

Anthony Moustacalis, Toronto

“Throughout her career Janet has made a very significant contribution to Canada’s legal profession.  In her recent term as bencher, Janet has been an effective advocate on a diverse range of important topics including Legal Aid Ontario and indigenous practitioners.”

J. Mark Rodger, Toronto

“Janet Leiper’s hard work as a Bencher deserves the highest appreciation of the entire profession and she deserves everyone’s support for re-election. I am proud to offer mine.”

Alan D. Gold, Toronto

“Janet Leiper has been a highly effective Chair of Equity and Aboriginal Issues. The profession needs her commitment to women, Aboriginal and racialized lawyers.”

Beth Symes, Toronto

“As a lawyer, a friend, a mother and a mentor, Janet Leiper embodies everything that all young lawyers, especially female lawyers aspire to be when they set out to pursue a career in criminal law. Notwithstanding her own personal and professional demands, Janet gives freely of herself: always there to guide, to support and to assist in any way she can. Her professional and ethical advice and guidance are sage, objective and measured. The legal profession would be that much more humane if more counsel were as professionally competent and personally giving as Janet Leiper.”

Jen Gleitman, Toronto

“As former Vice-Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee, I had the pleasure of observing Janet’s insights and hard work as a member of that committee. She is keenly aware of the tension between maintaining an affordable profession and ensuring the Law Society is adequately resourced to carry out its mandate. Her balanced approach was welcome at the Audit and Finance Committee: I know she will continue to apply these principles if she is re-elected.”

John Callaghan, Toronto

“I have known Janet for almost two decades. Over those years, I have participated in many continuing legal education conferences in which she was also a presenter. More often than not, I have had the misfortune and good fortune of being slotted to present immediately after her – good because it guaranteed that I had always arrived in time to learn from her insightful presentation, but bad because she has always been a very tough act to follow. If you’re interested in electing a bencher who is open-minded, is a penetrating thinker and has a wealth of experience sorting out difficult legal issues, vote for Janet. I am sure that, once elected, Janet will again prove to be a tough act to follow.”

Paul Burstein, Toronto
Former President of the CLA

“Vote for Leiper. I will.”

Frank Addario, Toronto
Former President of the CLA

“I am pleased and proud to support Janet Leiper as a candidate for re-election. I have known Janet as criminal defence lawyer, educator, integrity commissioner, Legal Aid Ontario chair, and law society bencher. She is a forceful and passionate advocate for social justice, equity and professionalism. Janet has brought to her role as bencher the same commitment, insight and energy that has enabled her to contribute so much to the public and to our profession.”

Bob Richardson, Certified Specialist Criminal Law, Director Criminal Lawyers’ Association

“Janet Leiper parle et lit le français et croit en l’importance de s’exprimer en français dans le cadre de ses activités au Barreau. Elle connaît le concept de l’offre active de services en français. Nous n’avons pas besoin d’attendre que la conversation passe au français avec Janet. C’est elle qui en prend l’initiative. J’appuie sa candidature, non seulement pour son engagement relatif aux questions linguistiques mais également pour sa passion pour les droits des femmes et des personnes racialisées.”

Julie Lassonde, avocate

“Janet Leiper is a woman of impeccable integrity, perennial optimism, and a keen sense of justice both individual and systemic. She is not only open, but eager, to listen to and try to understand the perspectives of all stakeholders affected by an issue with which she is involved. As she is demonstrating in these elections with her joint campaign, Janet is also someone who puts her money (and time) where her mouth is, and invests boundless energy into her work.  The bar is lucky to for Janet’s willingness to serve the profession as a bencher, and would do ourselves a disservice if we didn’t re-elect her.”

Moira Gracey, Toronto

“Janet Leiper’s legal career has spanned such varied areas of practice as criminal defence work, continuing legal education, Integrity Commissioner for the City of Toronto, Chair of Legal Aid Ontario, legal counsel to and Alternate Chair of the Ontario Review Board, and representing the interests of the bar and the public as a Bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Her integrity, ability, and dedicated service to the interests of the bar and the public— particularly respecting access to justice for the indigent— has been unwavering through the years. I endorse her candidacy for re-election as a Bencher and hope that the profession and the public continue to benefit from her talents and energy.”

Ralph Steinberg, Toronto
Former President of the CLA

“I could not recommend Janet Leiper more highly for re-election as bencher. There will be a lot of new faces at convocation after this election but convocation needs veteran benchers like Janet. She understands the needs of all members but is keenly aware of the trials and tribulations of the sole practitioner of which she has been for over 25 years. Janet is smart, energetic, hardworking and a great person. She is highly regarded by all.”

Jonathan M. Rosenthal, Toronto

“She is a calm voice on difficult issues; her work at the helm of Equity demonstrates that clearly.”

Laurie H. Pawlitza, Former Treasurer, Toronto

“Janet has virtually redefined the concept of commitment to the profession – her dedication to social justice and public service always reflects and is tempered by a thoughtful and compassionate understanding of the constituencies she has served as a lawyer, Bencher, Integrity Commissioner and Alternate Chair of the Ontario Review Board.  I unhesitatingly support Janet’s re-election.”

Brian Greenspan, Toronto

“Many lawyers are mentors, and even more support mentoring. Janet Leiper has taken this to a new level. By co-running for Bencher with Isfahan Merali, Janet is demonstrating her commitment to leadership in mentoring. We need diverse views and experiences at Convocation and I can easily endorse Janet for this unique effort. In the spirit of showing that mentoring matters I would also like to endorse Isfahan and her collaboration with Janet in this progressive mentoring initiative.”

Doug Downey, Barrie

«Janet Leiper goza de honestidad y juicio impecable, un optimismo perenne, y una comprensión aguda de la justicia individua y social.  Tiene una apertura y entusiasmo para escuchar y entender las perspectivas de todos los afectados por cualquier asunto en que se esté trabajando.  Como demuestra en esta elección con su campaña conjunta, Janet también manifiesta sus ideales no solo con palabras sino acciones. Es la suerte de la profesión que Janet esté dispuesta a servirnos como bencher; la debemos re-elegir.»

Juan Carranza, Toronto

“Janet has contributed to the legal profession in a variety of capacities for over 25 years, including through her role as Bencher. Her approach to affect change in our profession is passionate, yet thoughtful and always respectful of others.  She does not simply speak of the need for change, rather she puts her words into action.  She works hard, keeps an open mind and is dedicated to the betterment of our profession.”

Francesca Yaskiel

Barbara Hall, Barrister & Solicitor
Chief Commissioner (2005 to 2015), Ontario Human Rights Commission

Insiya Essajee, Counsel, Ontario Human Rights Commission

Ontario Crown Attorneys’ Association

Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Ontario / Association of French Speaking Jurists of Ontario (AJEFO)

Nadia Liva, Toronto

William Trudell, Toronto

Robin Parker, Toronto

Isfahan Merali, Toronto

Linda Rothstein, Toronto

Dan Guttman, Toronto

Ava G. Yaskiel, Toronto

Thomas G. Conway, Ottawa

Ross Murray, Kenora

Peter Downard, Toronto

Sharon Lavine, Toronto